Curriculum Structure

Curriculum Structure

Curriculum Structure 2016-17

We try to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, particularly at KS3, and then to offer students as much choice as possible within a framework at KS4. The education of the whole person is most important to us.

The curriculum is based around a fortnightly timetable of 50 x 1 hour lessons and 10 x 20 minute tutor periods.

The curriculum for 2016-17 takes the format as below as a percentage of time available:


Years 7, 8 and 9: 14% English, 12% maths, 4% Drama, 8% RE, 8% MFL,
8% PE, 4% Music, 6% Computer Science, 6% History, 6% Geography, 
8% Design Technology, 6% Art and 10% Science. 
SMSC is taught formally during tutor time.


Years 10 and 11: 18% English, 16% maths,10% RE, 8% PE, a minimum of 16% Science, 3 option blocks of 8% each, a fourth option block of 8% that contains either MFL or other subjects, a fifth option block that contains separate sciences, again 8% – taking the science allocation up to 24% or various other subjects.

SMSC is taught formally during tutor time.


Curriculum at post 16 is a mix between 

• purely academic, A levels,
• a mixture of academic and vocational courses
• purely vocational courses.

The KS5 curriculum is designed around the individual. Each academic course, A level, occupies a minimum of 16% curriculum time – taught lessons, with work also being set for study periods. 

Vocational courses are set in blocks of days with 3 full days each week involved.

All students who do not have GCSEs in English and/or maths have dedicated curriculum time, 8% for each, to retake.

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