St Boniface's College Calendar
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Term Dates 2016-17

Term 1

Thursday 1st September – Staff training (Non-pupil day)
Friday 2nd September – Staff training (Non-pupil day)
Monday 5th September - All students return
Thursday 20th October - End of term 1
Friday 21st October - PASH (Non-pupil day)

Term 2

Tuesday 1st November - All students return
Friday 16th December - End of term 2

Term 3

Tuesday 3rd January - All students return
Thursday 9th February - End of term 3

Term 4

Monday 20th February - All students return
Friday 31st March - End of term 4

Term 5

Tuesday 18th April - All students return
Friday 26th May - End of term 5

Term 6 

Monday 5th June - All students return
Friday 21st July - End of term 6
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